Badges and Bulls Eyes ®

Program Description

Badges & Bulls Eyes is a program designed to teach kids archery.  This program gets kids active in a fun and unique manner.   Archery teaches kids discipline, safety, and patience all while having fun and interacting with cops. 



Grant Information

bbThis grant will be used for covering the cost to rent bows and arrows at a professional range.  Each enrolled police department must hold a minimum of four events per year.   Children must be seven and older to participate.  Ninety percent of sign-ups must be unique from event to event to ensure that a diverse cross-section of the community has access to the program.  All children enrolled in the program will receive food, beverages, and shirts and a small gift bag.  The grant is renewable up to three (3) years, provided the department shows clear evidence they are on route to being self-sufficient.  All approved police departments will be provided with funding, training in implementing the program, and training in how to fund raise to help sustain the program.  Police departments must receive and maintain a waiver for children signed by parents in order to participate in this program.  The average group size per outing will be determined by the size of the archery range.

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