Danger Stranger

Program Description

Danger Stranger is designed to test your child’s decision making in a real world scenario.  A volunteer posing as a “stranger” tempts the child to leave with them, all while officers and their parents observe from a distance.  This program teaches kids to recognize stranger dangers, and educates parents on how to train their kids to make the right choice. 

Grant Information

This grant will be used to cover the cost of materials and officer training to implement a program to teach children the dangers of going with people they do not know.  Each enrolled police department must hold a minimum of four events per year.  Children must be six and older to participate.  This is the only program in where one parent, as well as the child must attend.  A cop posing as a stranger will attempt to “abduct” the child in a park.  Parents will witness firsthand their child’s decision to follow or not follow a “stranger.”  Children can only enroll in this program once or it will lose the desired effectiveness.  The average group size per outing will be 10 to 15 kids.

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